So far, Avengers Infinity War has been breaking numerous records worldwide. This has been the greatest Marvel movies to date, where the 1st weekend of Avengers run outperformed the collection of all the Marvel productions. Now it will be really interesting to see if it can break the record of the highest worldwide grosser, Avatar.

Made on a budget of just $237 Million, i.e., s. 1100 Crores, Avatar had grossed $2.7 Billion, i.e., Rs. 13,047 Crores at the worldwide box office. With this achievement, it is so far the highest grossing movie in the world. Released in 2009, Avatar had gone beyond every imagination to emerge as the biggest victory. More than 8 years after its release, none of the movies have been able to cross this major giant.

Top 5 Highest Grossers

But with Avengers Infinity War hitting the theatres on April 27th, this Friday, it is on a breaking spree. In India alone, it has become the biggest openers of 2018. In its 1st weekend, it has crossed the 1st-weekend collection of Fast and Furious 7 at the worldwide level, and also crossed Star wars 1st weekend at the Domestic level (the USA and Canada). Top 5 positions at the worldwide grossers are acquired by

  • Avatar – 1st
  • Titanic – 2nd
  • Star Wars The Force Awakens – 3rd
  • Jurassic World – 4th
  • The Avengers – 5th

The way Avengers Infinity war is proceeding, it will soon surpass The Avengers and other such movies to acquire one of the top positions on Worldwide Top Grossers Chart.

Avengers vs Avatar

Here in this article, we will be comparing the USA day-wise collection and the worldwide major days’ collection of Avengers Infinity War and Avatar. It will be interesting to see who emerges out as the winner at the end of Avengers’ run. Below is the chart of comparison. Domestic here refers to the USA and Canada collections.

  • Date of Release

    • Avengers Infinity War – 27 April, 2018
    • Avatar – 18 December, 2009
  • Day 1 (Friday) Domestic

    • Avengers -$106 million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $26.7 million
    • Avatar (Adjusted to 2018) – $32.2 million
  • Day 2 (Saturday) Domestic

    • Avengers – $83 million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $25.5 million
    • Avatar (Adjusted) – $30.8 million
  • Day 3 (Sunday) Domestic

    • Avengers – $61 million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $24.7 million
    • Avatar (Adjusted) – $29.8 million
  • 1st Weekend Domestic

    • Avengers – $250 million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $77 million
    • Avatar (Adjusted) $93 million
  • 1st Weekend Worldwide

    • Avengers – $630 million
    • Avatar (Actual)- $242 Million
    • Avatar (Adjusted) – $257.4 Million
  • 1st Week Domestic

    • Avengers Infinity War – $338 million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $137 million
    • Avatar (Adjusted) – $165 million
  • 1st Week Worldwide

    • Avengers Infinity War – $905 million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $436.6 million
    • Avatar (Adjusted) – $496.5 million
  • Total Collections (Domestic)

    • Avengers – $338 Million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $760.5 Million
    • Avatar (Adjusted)- $892.7 Million
  • Total Collections (World)

    • Avengers – $905 Million
    • Avatar (Actual) – $2.7 Billion
    • Avatar (Adjusted) – $2.9 Billion

1st Weekend Records Broken

In just 3 days of its run, Avengers has broken numerous records. Domestically, it has surpassed the 1st-weekend collection of the 1positionion holder, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with the latter minting $248 million at the box office. And with this, it became the highest 1st-weekend grossing movie in North America. Not just domestically, it has outperformed several major giants globally as well. It crossed Fast and Furious 7’s 3 days global collection which stood at $542 million. Along with that, it also took over the 1st-weekend collection of the original part, The Avengers, released in 2012.

With Avengers Infinity War collections soaring high, what do you think? Will it be able to beat the record held by Avatar for the last 8.5 years? Or we would have to wait for Avengers Infinity War part 2?

Who will win the battle?

First Published on: 16:51 pm - 30, Apr 2018
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