Becoming famous has never been a cake walk. Those who succeed in becoming extreme popular definitely deserve a price for all the efforts they have put so far. This price comes in terms of the earnings that they make from the roles they play. Forbes’ recognize their efforts and present to us all those celebrities who have put more efforts compared to the others. This presentation comes in the form of Highest Paid Celebrities List.

Forbes’ Lists

For those who are not aware of what the Forbes List is, Forbes is an Americal magazine which publishes articles on finance, investment, marketing, and industry topics. But it is not the articles which make Forbes world famous. It is the number of various lists that Forbes releases annually that makes it popular among people. Some of those lists include America’s Richest People, rankings of World’s Top Companies, and The World’s Billionaires list. Among these, one of the lists we will be talking about is the Highest-Paid Celebrities List for 2017.

This list is calculated based on the pre-tax income of the various celebrities out there in the world. The earnings in this list have been measured from June 1, 2016 through June 1, 2017. This is the gross income taken into account. Any extra fees for managers, agents or lawyers have not been deducted from this.

Celebrities in the Highest-Paid List

The celebrities that top this list are the musicians like Sean Combs a.k.a Diddy and Beyoncé, with the gross earnings of $130 Million and $105 Million, respectively. Next in the list comes the famous Harry Porter writer, J.K. Rowling, followed by Drake and Cristiano Ronaldo. Other kinds of celebrities that are included in the list are Actors, Athletes, Authors, Comedians, Magicians, Musicians, Personalities, and Television Actresses.

Unfortunately, out of numerous famous Indian celebrities, only few could make it to the list. Out of 100 famous celebrities featured in the list, only 3 Indian actors were successful in making their presence felt. Those actors were Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Shah Rukh Khan remains the highest paid actor out of the 3, standing at position 65, with the total grossing of $38 Million. Next out of the 2 was the Tubelight-actor Salman Khan, who is at the position of 71, with $37 Million total earnings. Finally comes the Toilet Ek Prem Katha actor Akshay Kumar, who stands at position 80, with earnings of $35.5 Million.

For the next year 2018, we are very much hoping to see more Indian celebrities featuring in the list. Let’s see who all can make it to the Forbes the coming year.


First Published on: 12:01 pm - 20, Aug 2017
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