When the Bollywood industry was experiencing a dull phase due to the poor performance of films at the box office, a high-temperature controversy spreads in the bottom line of all media channels. Yes, we are talking about the news-making controversy between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. With this popular controversy, a lot of secrets open up about their relationship. This revelation by Kangana Ranaut on national television is not just a news but a strong lesson to be learned both from the legal and personal point of view.

Kangana Ranaut narrated all that she went through during the last few years. She mentioned the trauma and panic attacks her family went through because of this high profile controversy in the Bollywood industry.

Beginning Of Controversy

The whole story started with Kangana saying a word “silly ex” during an interview. Kangana was ousted from Aashiqui 3 and Hrithik too denied to sign the film. However, Kangana didn’t mention the name of Hrithik in any manner but Hrithik filed a defamation case against her for tarnishing his image by referring to him as her silly ex. He even demanded an apology through press conference from her side, failing which he warned her to expose all her correspondence in public.

Hrithik Roshan’s Actions Against Kangana Ranaut

Hrithik even hired a best criminal lawyer of India in this case and accumulated all the files of emails to prepare a strong case against her. Kangana said, he even hacked her email account to send himself fake personal messages from her side to present her guilty in the court.

Kangana Ranaut Image
Kangana Ranaut

Rakesh Roshan’s Entry And His Influence

She said, even his father assured her of the solution of this controversy but later asked her to stay away from Hrithik’s life. She mentioned the assurance given by him to marry her once his divorce proceedings with her wife Sussaine reach a final stage.

Attack On Women Commission

Kangana said when she contacted women commission, she was first assured of about the justice citing her case as high profile. Later, the head of women commission expressed their complications to file a case against Roshan family due to family’s influential background with the high authorities.

Warnings To Kangana

Kangana also questioned, why he begged her for signing their home production film Krrish 3 when he thinks that she is suffering from mental illness. She also quoted the warnings she received from the Bollywood people to think about the consequences of confronting with Roshan family.

Effect Of Revelation

One thing is certain that Kangana has presented her case on a solid note and left all the opponents speechless. This bold attempt by the actress to present her case publically is highly lauded by the audience and she has become a symbol of feminism in the male dominated society.

In the end, several secrets are conveyed through her interview. One such major secret is Hrithik Roshan‘s extra- marital affair with her and his assurance to Kangana about their relationship after his divorce proceeding gets over.

No matter,  what repercussions this interview will have on their lives, she has presented an example of the bold attitude that a woman must possess to become independent in her life.

First Published on: 18:36 pm - 11, Sep 2017
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