Parineeti Chopra, one of the most adorable and bubbly actresses of Bollywood industry is involved in controversy once again after that body shaming incident where she was lambasted for body shaming her friend. This time she is been slammed by her one of the schoolmate Kkanoo Gupta in Facebook.

Few days back Parineeti Chopra attended a gradual ceremony in a martial arts school with Akshay Kumar where she spoke about her school days and inspired women to take charge of their own lives and to learn self defense. She added that she belongs to a small city Ambala and struggled a lot in the childhood while she had to go to the school by cycle as they had no money to bus and no car also.

But Kkanoo Gupta, one of Parineeti’s schoolmates stated in social media that shame on you Parineeti for lying through the teeth in front of the camera. He also added that this actress belongs to a well-to-do family and he further said that he remembers the car that her father had those days. And talking about that bicycle, it was a trend those days.

So, who is actually lying? Well, Parineeti will know that better.

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