There was no looking back for A R Rahman after he got his first break in movie Roja by Mani Ratnam. The composer has since then given to the world unique songs that are strewn along the memory lane of millions.

A R Rahman and Mani Ratnam have completed 25 years of journey together and Ratnam still feels as if he has met Rahman just yesterday.

From Roja to Kaatru Veliyidai every film for Rahman is a special journey. He continues to explore distinctive and new sounds for his films even today. He works very hard to get flawless soundscape for every movie, he said.

A R Rahman said if it were not for Mani Ratnam he would not have got a stage to show his talent and polish his ideas. He calls it the ‘divine happening’ when K Balchandar called and introduced him to Mani Ratnam for Roja. At all times Rahman address Mani Ratnam and K Balchandar as sir.

He was delighted to see the Indian Armed Forces when they were shooting for Kaatru Veliyidai in Leh and Ladakh. The movie is set in the background of Indian Air Force.

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