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Ni lakk tera patla jeha
Jdo tur di sitara bal khave
Morni ji tor kudiye
Hun mundiya nu hosh kitho aave

Your waist is so slim
When you walk, it swings
You walk like a peahen
How boys will hold themselves

Ni naagni di aankh waaliye(3)
Sab kilte tu gabru kanware

Your eyes resemble a female snake
Which are killing all the bachelor boys

O daaru badnaam krti
Ae ta naina terya de kaare…

Alcohol is notorious unnecessarily
It is the effect of your eyes only

O thekeya de raah bhool gye
Jdo tak le sharabi nain tere

They have forgotten the way of wine store
When they saw your alcoholic eyes

Naina cho dhul phle todti
Gal vas ch rhi na hun mere

Alcohol is spilling from your eyes
Nothing is in my control now.

Ooh bina dat khole kuriye (3)
Tenu peen firn ethe saare

Without opening the lid
Everyone wants to drink alcohol from you.

O pta kro kede pind di
Kudi gidhe ch karayi att jave

Find out which village she belongs to
She is doing a fabulous dance

O DJ da kasoor koi na
Kudi chobran te sine aag lave

The DJ is not to be blamed
This girl is firing heart of all boys

Yu dilan ute kahar krdi
Jag jind jaan tere ute ware

You stoles the hearts
Everybody is ready to sacrifice his life on you

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