This season ‘Befikre’ star cast seems to be celebrating in Befikre way with Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor. In just 24 hrs, ‘Befikre’ trailer crossed 10 million views.

Ranveer Singh’s film is the adult version of Chandni says, Rishi Kapoor.  He applauded on twitter and wrote: “Befikre”. An outstanding hot trailer! Chandni ka 2016 updated “adult version”. Exotic locale, natural actors, naughty, witty, funny, romantic!  The filmmaker Aditya Chopra’s upcoming romantic film stars Ranveer and Vani in the lead role and just hitting the headlines. They are playing the role of Dharam and Shayra who are with each other without any commitments. This trailer was released in Paris yesterday. The trailer had many kissing scenes between these two leading actors including some intimate scenes in the film. Producers of the film are prepared for the promotions. And Mr Nihalani is waiting for the copy of this film with his scissor in hand. The producers are thinking about adding some devotional background music during all kissing scenes.

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