Two Giant Movies with Big superstars releasing this month. It’s not possible to not get excited about the release. Both the movies have a great appeal and are generating a lot of buzzes. Music is also being appreciated for both the movies. All in all, till now both movies have been received well by the public. There isn’t any negativity surrounding any of the movies and it is a good thing.

This clash reminds us SRK’s previous clash between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani last year. Although Dilwale started much better, but Bajirao Mastani was the winner in the end with huge lifetime collections.  Dilwale was a comedy film and chances were it would go down against and epic historical saga by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

But this competition is not like that. Raees and Kaabil are both action movies, with Kaabil being more towards Romance/Action. The target audience for both the movies is virtually same. Hrithik Roshan has had great success with Multiplex and Single Screen both audiences, and so has SRK.

Who will actually win the race at box office?

The answer although not known at this time, is very simple. Whichever movie has better content will lead the race. Raees does have the advantage of greater screen count so it will lead the first day. But word of mouth is going to play a very major role here. So, if Raees falls short in terms of content it will have the same fate as Dilwale.

Let’s see the response of people at our website, and find out who is excited for which film.

Raees or Kaabil, Which are you most excited for?

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