Who doesn’t love watching movies? And when it is a suspense thriller movie, it is definitely one of the best kinds. These movies keep a person on the edge of their seat, while constantly thinking what is going to happen next. But this is a very unexplored area. Hardly a few suspense thriller movies are released every year, and out of those, maximum 1 or 2 make it to the top. This is because sometimes the suspense factor goes wrong and people are still left in suspense at the end of the movie, making it one of the worst picks.

The only difference between this genre and other genres is that it will keep you engaged all the time. The suspense element of these films will keep you glued to the screen. You will not be able to move your focus from the movie for even a single second. But the major drawback here is that you won’t be able to watch the movie again. It will be just a one-time watch, unlike many other romcom or action movies.

But nevertheless, the excitement overpowers every negative or positive quality. Hollywood and Bollywood both have made some amazing movies over the years. Below is the list of best 18 movies from each category – English and Hindi. Check out the list and pick one of the movies to see on your favorite streaming website. You will definitely feel the chill, thrill and fear, all at the same time when you watch any of these.

Hollywood Suspense Thriller Movies

Hollywood makes some of the best movies in this world be it of any genre. And out of all, the suspense thriller movies are truly the best. Just like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are the popular action heroes, Leonardo DiCaprio is the popular actor for Mystery Thriller genre. Below you can find best suspense thriller movies Hollywood has ever made so far.

Bollywood Suspense Thriller Movies

Very few Hindi movies are good suspense thrillers. And out of those, Kahaani and Drishyam make 2 of the top most movies so far. While Hollywood has various themes revolving around mystery thriller, Bollywood is majorly focused on murder mysteries. Below is Bollywood suspense thriller movies list, that you should definitely not miss.

These are some of the best Suspense thriller movies that have been released over the years. They will definitely make the best weekend getaway for you. And if you want a change sometimes, you can also check out Bollywood lists of underrated movies, women-centric moviesTrue Story Movies, and many more here on BOTY. We have curated a lot many lists for you to enjoy for a whole year.